In her first young-adult novel, Acu is speaking the lonely ones’ language. While bundling up the young people who are crudely pushed aside by the system, with her attentive and impressive language; she’s giving the leading role to the deserver. She’s telling about the inherent sorrow of adolescence, external factors and future concerns.


She was unable to feel connected neither to her friends, nor to her family members. She was a scholarship student in a private school, which otherwise she wouldn’t be able to see from far. Her father was a doorkeeper at a shopping mall nearby. She was spending her days aspiring her classmates’ lifestyles, worrying about her jobless brother and thinking about the friend she lost. She was sixteen, living on a different planet between dreams and reality. If her Blue Fairy would have appeared one day and asked her to make a wish, her answer would be “a real friend”. She was so silent while longing to break out, so invisible while longing to be seen, so testy while longing to be loved…

Neslihan Acu

Acu started her writing career during her university years. Some of her translations were published in literary translation journals. She worked as a journalist and columnist in different media institutions. Her first novel, followed by others, was published in 2004. Her books were translated to Bulgarian and Romanian.