In this amusing one night journey of a small girl, the child reader witnesses the sleeping styles of various interesting animals, while walking on the line between dreams and reality. A colorful reading experience not only with its simple and impressive storytelling style, but also with its marvellous illustrations.


It was nightfall and all dark outside. Losing her sleep, the girl was tossing and turning in her bad. She eventually decided to go out to find it. She first visited the neighbour horse but couldn’t sleep standing like him. Then visited the bear, bat, flamingo and many more… She knocked on the doors of all her neighbours. Guess where this sleepy child, walking in the streets in her pajamas, eventually fell asleep?

İrem Uşar

İrem Uşar was born in Istanbul in1975. She graduated from the Radio, Television, Cinema Department of Marmara University and worked as reporter, editor and copy writer. Ayrıkotu (2008), her first novel, aroused interest both with its subject and its young style. In  2010 she was invited by PEN to Antwerp Belgium where she stayed in the “writers’ house” and wrote her first children’s book Fenerden Taşınan Işık (The Light Moving from The Lighthouse, 2011). Her second children book Kuuzu ve Lunapark Ailesi (Lambkin and the Funfair Family) is also published in 2011 and won the Jury Special Award of IBBY devamı için tıklayınız

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