One of the leading and award winning story tellers of contemporary Turkish literature, Neslihan Önderoğlu, wrote again for her young readers, fifteen refined yet quite real stories, after her debut young adult novel Lend Me Your Voice. Önderoğlu attracting the attention of young readers with her simple but strong narration style. All 15 stories, elaborately touching the fragile details of everyday life, are bundling the readers up with friendship, neighbourhood life, family affairs and feelings of young people. Önderoğlu reaches her readers with not only what she tells, but also with what she doesn’t tell. She stands by the young people, by all those who are ignored without compromising the authenticity of her stories.


Unforgettable taste of the ice cream refreshing your mouth on the way to school, excitement of the siblings waiting in front of the window, dreams tagged along a plane in blue sky, courageous lovers, hearts waiting for their father, melancholy mingling with the wind… In the stories reflecting the colours, sounds and feelings of the early adolescence years, melancholy and joy, hope and disappointment, childish curiosity and naive acceptances all interlace…

Neslihan Önderoğlu

Neslihan Önderoğlu was born in İstanbul. She received 2013 Haldun Taner Story Award with her short story İçeri Girmez Miydiniz? (2012). Her book Mevsim Normalleri was published in 2013. Her stories are published in several literature magazines such as Notos, Sarnıç Öykü, Sözcükler, Kitap-lık. She works as the editor of Sarnıç Öykü magazine.

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Neslihan Önderoğlu
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