ON8’s journey in Turkish literature begins with Ahmet Büke, a true story teller of ordinary and ignored lives. This time, the author’s clear style is carrying the voice of a young man from the hills of Varyant, İzmir. Bedo, who Ahmet Büke recently gave life to with his serials on ON8 Blog, is now the protagonist of a novel. Generations who were silenced, weakened and destroyed on one hand; teenagers like Bedo who are trying to shape their future while trying to survive on the track of these generations’ on the other hand… Perhaps the hardest question for both is to know what to hold on to.


For Bedo, who is struggling with the absence of his father he never met, life is a chain of questions that keeps being postponed; a very shady puzzle with pieces meticulously hidden. As for the questions keep turning in his mind, they have no end. Bedo’s life has been riddled with gaps and questions for a long time. And it does not seem the answers will come from his family, nor from the books he reads. However, there is an unexpected act in this play of silence. You see, the question is deep.

Ahmet Büke

Born in Manisa in 1970, Ahmet Büke won the 2008 Oğuz Atay Story Prize and the 2011 Sait Faik Story Award. The stories of Bedo, which he started writing under the title Bedo’s Books on ON8 Blog, turned into his first novel Our State Is Deep (2013). Ahmet Büke keeps writing on ON8 Blog as well as other blogs. He lives in İzmir.

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