The young author of children’s literature, Gökçe Ateş Aytuğ, is in Günışığı Kitaplığı with her latest novel. The author who is telling a warm neighborhood story is opening the notion of “home” for discussion while standing by the side of children, trees, cats and crows and is defending the life as itself. Whispering that the coexistence may endure only with respect and love, the story reminds the young readers about the possibility to overcome injustice by solidarity. Enriched with interesting illustrations of Gökçe İrten, this book turns reading into pleasure with its effectual characters, places, fun and fluent expression.


The centennial stone pine in the middle of the street which rises to the sky despite the concrete jungle surrounding it, is reported to municipality by “some neighbors” claiming that it’s polluting the environment. Maya gets really upset when she sees that the municipality officers are getting prepared to cut the beautiful tree. Her grandfather and Tailor Arman try to protect the tree by sitting next to it on the sidewalk. However, the municipality officers are decided to execute the orders given to them. Maya makes a plan and sees that she is not alone. Will crows, cat Muhtar, and the people from the neighborhood be able to the save stone pine?

Gökçe Ateş Aytuğ

She was born in Istanbul in 1980 and studied Art History in the university. She worked as an editor and translator of children’s books in different publishing houses. Her children’s books I Was Going to Dream Today and I’m So Bored of Love Today were published in 2010. She is living in Istanbul with her daughter and husband.