Historical eras of a metropolis comes to life with miniature like illustrations . A colorful source for everyone.


An interesting reading for all ages, this book based on historical data relating to the story of Istanbul, one of the largest cities of Europe, since its foundation. The story of the settlement starts with the geological formation process and extends to the first settlers, from the Yarımburgaz Cave to the first villages, from the first harbour town Byzantion to Constantinople, the capital of the celebrated Byzantine Empire, from the capital of the Ottoman Empire to the world city Istanbul. The book is animated with miniature like illustrations by Betül Sayın.


Mine Soysal

Mine Soysal was born in 1959 in Istanbul. Soysal graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Ancient Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures in 1981. Until 1994 she worked as an archeologist and researcher in Istanbul Archeology Museums and implemented exhibition projects. She founded Günışığı Kitaplığı in 1996, a publishing house specialised in Turkish and world literature for children and young adults. She prepared the story book Ala Çocuk Yollarda (Ala, the Child on the Road) for children and the narrative Istanbul Masalı (The Story of Istanbul) for readers of all ages. She currently holds interactive debate programs about the cultural history devamı için tıklayınız

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