One of the most admired authors of our contemporary children’s literature, Sevim Ak salutes Günışığı Kitaplığı readers with her last novel. Touching the delicate heart of a child who can center her life around her autistic sibling, the author makes the readers feel the silent and deep love of those who cannot stand up for themselves and who remain silent against the world. Ingeniously emphasizing the difference between the busy adults of modern times and the naive world of children, the book makes the reader ponder about the feeling of responsibility. Enriched with happy sensations and coincidences that raise a smile on the reader’s face, the book reminds us that hope and love can conquer all challenges. With its plain yet impressive narrative, this book will truly leave mark on readers from all ages.


Melisa, who takes over her parents’ responsibilities who themselves are so buried in work, has to hold back her urges for going out and playing with her friends and to take care of her autistic sibling. But that summer brings along seven colors of a rainbow with the elephant named Bubik and the skater boy. As Melisa and her new friend try to figure out the adults’ complicated world, they also take brave steps to really get to know themselves…

Sevim Ak

She was born in Samsum. In 1976, she graduated from Yıldız Technical University Chemistry Engineering department. After her graduation, from 1977 through 1980, she was trained for proficiency in biochemistry. Then, for 25 years, she worked in Heybeliada Sanatorium and private clinics. Her passion for writing grew in her school years and her first story was published on sunday supplement of Cumhuriyet newspaper in 1985. Her first children’s book My Kite is in the Clouds (1987) won the Children’s Literature Story Award by Akademi Publishing House. She wrote scripts and stories for children programs broadcasted on TRT. Her stories also devamı için tıklayınız