Füsun Çetinel, known for her children’s novels and writing workshops, wrote her last novel for young adults. The writer is inviting her readers on a journey starting from Turkey and ending in Germany and she is telling a growing-up story accompanied by first heartbeats and all sort of misfortunes. The novel enriched by different cultures of the youngsters who come together for a common purpose makes the reader think on themes like freedom, responsibility and solidarity and promises an enjoyable reading for all ages. Beloved by her children novels Talking Hagia Sophia and Road of Secrets, Füsun Çetinel is expanding her audience with 3 Weeks on the Wall.


Melisa couldn’t go to Los Angeles with her best friends because her mother lost her job. Even though her mind was in America, she still had to spend three weeks of her summer holidays in a working camp in Germany.  Following the journey that started with complaints and mishaps, Melisa arrived at the camp site in a small borough of Stuttgart where she met youngsters from various countries such as Kenya, Ukraine, Spain and Korea. During the days they spend in nature by repairing an old wall, Melisa and her friends would enjoy unforgettable and unexpected experiences.

Füsun Çetinel

Füsun Çetinel is born in İstanbul. She graduated from English Language Teaching Department of Boğaziçi University. She works as a teacher and consultant in writing workshops. Çetinel’s stories and articles are published in various literature magazines and websites. Talking Hagia Sophia (2015) is the author’s first book.

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