Dealing skillfully with difficult subjects, Soysal makes the reader to hear the inner voices and to see the worried eyes of youngsters in her new novel. Bringing together two high school boys living in the same neighbourhood with totally different concerns and expectations, Soysal is attracting attention to issues like domestic violence, the disabled life and poverty, without losing hope. While discussing the effects of circumstances on one’s character, she also opens the notions of good and bad up for a discussion.


That summer Mete is preparing to start high school, brings along all its mope, problems and hope. As if it is not enough for him trying to survive in a loving but poor family and worrying about his handicapped sister; the rumble coming out of their new neighbour’s house is loud enough to suppress his inner voice. The domestic violence he’s witnessing for the first time in his life horrifies him and changes his steady going life. Furthermore the son of their new neighbour walks into his life by force. Her aunt studying in the university gives them the hope and a new viewpoint to deal with all their problems.

Mine Soysal

Mine Soysal was born in 1959 in Istanbul. Soysal graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Ancient Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures in 1981. Until 1994 she worked as an archeologist and researcher in Istanbul Archeology Museums and implemented exhibition projects. She founded Günışığı Kitaplığı in 1996, a publishing house specialised in Turkish and world literature for children and young adults. She prepared the story book Ala Çocuk Yollarda (Ala, the Child on the Road) for children and the narrative Istanbul Masalı (The Story of Istanbul) for readers of all ages. She currently holds interactive debate programs about the cultural history devamı için tıklayınız

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Mine Soysal