In his first children’s novel, beloved author Behçet Çelik is telling the story of friendship, solidarity and communication between generations, with his strong yet simple style. With the help of this amusing story of a summer camp taking place in a family environment, he is making new and creative proposals to the adults as well.


Five friends, five free children of summer holidays, do not have to carry their heavy school bags anymore! For a while, the houses in the gardens of which they used to play games, are being demolished for building bigger ones. Fortunately finding a small greenwood area among the high buildings surrounding their city, they decide to have a summer camp. However life in this new camping neighbourhood is not like in the other rapidly “developing” parts of the city. They would soon have mission to be accomplished, but how?

Behçet Çelik

Behçet Çelik was born in Adana in 1968. He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. Çelik won the Story Award of Akademi Bookstore in 1989 and Sait Faik Story Award in 2008. Çelik works as editor in various periodicals and lives in Istanbul with his wife.

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