In this 2nd book of the series, Elbingil is inviting his readers to the new adventures of Berk, again full of fun. He opens the notion of raising a “project child” to discussion with his distinctive narration. The story tells in a humorous way about the feelings and experiences of those “project children” running from one course to the other. This standalone book of the series is illustrated also by Merve Atılgan.


The only desire of Berk is to go on for a vacation during his holidays, whereas all his friends with various talents have to rush from one course to the other. Based on the advices of their neighbours, Berk also tries different courses. One day, a new neighbour, who’s an opera singer moves in. Would he help Berk to discover his hidden talent?

Kaan Elbingil

Kaan Elbingil was born in1971 in Rize. Having started his voice training in Dokuz Eylül University İzmir State Conservatory, he completed his education in 1994, having graduated from Bilkent University Music Faculty Voice Training Department.  Following Ankara State Opera and Ballet, he performed for İzmir State Opera and Ballet as a choir singer. Also being a positive dog trainer, Elbingil wrote articles about dog training in Popular Psychiatry Magazine. He also received drama training and prepared and presented radio shows. Children’s musical entitled Dodo the Detective Dog, written by Elbingil, was staged by İstanbul State Opera and Ballet in season devamı için tıklayınız

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