Combining his musical talent with his story-telling, young author Kaan Elbingil tags along sweet dreams and wild ideas in his first book. Telling the story of Berk, a young boy who designs “Rube Goldberg” machines, the author describes the mess created by a young boy’s dreams in the adult world. The books is full of not only the colourful ideas of Berk which all kids will truly enjoy, but also the colorful illustrations of brilliant illustrator Merve Atılgan. Questioning the notions of success, talent, intelligence and creativity with its glide narrative and humorous tone; this book is a fun reading for all children.


Berk thinks that inventors are quite lazy and his mind is full of wild inventions waiting to be invented: The Water which does not make children sick when drunk sweaty, The Ball which does not make any noise, The Needle that does not hurt and many more… Berk’s parents who think that their “inventor” son could be in fact a genius, decide to enrol him to a school for gifted children. The invention that Berk has come up with to prove that he is indeed an inventor would soon enough turn the place upside down!

Kaan Elbingil

Kaan Elbingil was born in1971 in Rize. Having started his voice training in Dokuz Eylül University İzmir State Conservatory, he completed his education in 1994, having graduated from Bilkent University Music Faculty Voice Training Department.  Following Ankara State Opera and Ballet, he performed for İzmir State Opera and Ballet as a choir singer. Also being a positive dog trainer, Elbingil wrote articles about dog training in Popular Psychiatry Magazine. He also received drama training and prepared and presented radio shows. Children’s musical entitled Dodo the Detective Dog, written by Elbingil, was staged by İstanbul State Opera and Ballet in season devamı için tıklayınız

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