New & Notable

5 Çocuk 5 İstanbul

5 Children 5 İstanbuls

First Books (ages 3-8)

One of the selected books in IBBY Honour List 2006 with fascinating illustrations. The book tells the history of Istanbul in five different periods using objects symbolising each of those historical periods. 5 Children 5 İstanbuls takes the children to a journey through the history of Istanbul from ancient times to teh current day.

Author: Betül Sayın

Katuna’da Dokuz Ay

Nine Months in Katuna


In his new novel for “Bridge Books” collection, Osman Şahin, one of the great masters of our literature, relates a true story that took place in the winter of 1966. The book sheds light to the present while narrating the change that five young teachers who have just graduated have created in a geography surrounded by poverty, bigotry and discrimination.

Author: Osman Şahin

Altın Köle

Golden Slave

Anadolu’da Bir Zamanlar (Once Upon A Time in Anatolia series)

İsmet Bertan’s “Once Upon A Time in Anatolia” series continues with this seventh book. The story takes place in 600 BC around the city of Van (Tushpa with its old name) and its surrounding harsh geography. Urartu itself plays a pivotal role in the novel with its capacity to harbor many people from different languages and cultures. Themes like slavery systems, political power, ordinary people’s daily struggles and the creation of a grand civilization are woven within a cinematographic plot enriched with the lively storytelling of a master author.

Author: İsmet Bertan

Rights Sold

Ballı Çörek Kafeteryası

Honey Cookie Café


A real masterpiece from Zeynep Cemali about a cafeteria run by a daughter and father and several other stories developing around them.

Author: Zeynep Cemali

Rights Sold To: Italy , Albania

Uçan Salı

Flying Tuesday

Short story

In her first book for children, Müge İplikçi, one of the important writers of modern Turkish literature carries her readers after a little girl’s dreams and passion for flying. This colorful story about the daydreamer Sibel, takes the readers back and forth between reality and fanstasy with its powerful fiction based on social realities that people mostly ignore and on humanistic values that are about to be forgotten. With its extraordinary illustrations by Mustafa Delioğlu and original graphic design by Suzan Aral this book is a masterpiece of children’s fiction.

Author: Müge İplikçi

Rights Sold To: Switzerland , Albania

İstanbul’u Çalıyorlar!

They Are Stealing Istanbul!

“Ömer Alwayssolves Detective Agency” Series

The novel in which the historical fabric of Istanbul plays a major role, is about a chase full of interesting characters and mysterious clues, and is likely to become a modern detective story classic for children. Gülsevin Kıral, with her simple language and great narration, tells eleven year old Mustafa’s efforts to solve a case while trying to impress Elif.

Author: Gülsevin Kıral

Rights Sold To: Hungary